The Energy Detective TED 5000 Home Energy Monitor

Model: 5000 | Order No: 5000 Series

A home energy use monitor which installs at your main electrical panel and measures the amount of power used within the home.

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The Energy Detective TED5000 Home Electricity Monitor Kits

What is TED?

When you want to lose weight, you track your changes with a scale. When you ride in a taxi, you monitor your ride with the taxi meter. When you want to track electricity, you save with The Energy Detective (TED). TED is an in-home electricity monitor that provides real-time data in an easy-to-understand manner. TED permanently installs in your breaker panel and gives you instant feedback on your electricity usage.

How Does TED Work?

TED quickly and easily installs in your home's breaker panel. By connecting two sensor clamps around the incoming power conductors that feed your panel, TED measures the flow of electricity within your home. Information is sent over existing electrical wiring in the home to the compact wall-plug Gateway. You can then view real-time data on the wireless display or via a computer and/or smartphone.

How Does TED Save?

The Energy Detective has a variety of features to help consumers save electricity around the home.

The TED5000 Wireless Display Module
Wireless Display

Use the optional wireless handheld display (available with all "C-model" units) to instantly discover phantom loads, check usage of individual appliances, and see the difference turning a switch on/off really makes. Instantly and conveniently view real-time electricity usage, voltage, and your projected monthly bill.

The TED5000 Text and Email Alerts
Text/Email Alerts

Use TED Advisor, a Footprints Software-based program that allows you to receive instant text message/email alerts, based on user-defined parameters. Whether you want to receive one text message a month when you are about to exceed your budget, or a daily text message stating your highest voltage reading for the day, you have the power to set what you want, when you want it.

The TED5000 Footprints Software
Footprints Software

Use TED's interactive Footprints Software (embedded in all TED units) to chart and graph usage, view historical data and trends, set up TED Advisor text messaging/e-mail alerts, enter local utility-rate information, and create load profiles for individual appliances. Easily export data!

The TED5000 Third Party Applications
Third Party Applications

Use one of TED's third-party apps to view real-time electricity data remotely. View interactive charts and graphs, set alerts, and receive instant data on your computer/laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other Internet-enabled devices.

Which TED is Right For You?

How to choose the right TED5000 for your application

Start by determining how many sources you'll be monitoring:

TED5000 I have one source to monitor
Perfect for Homes With:
  • 1 electrical panel

Wireless display included with the TED 5000-C

TED5003G I have three sources to monitor
Perfect for Homes With:
  • 1 panel & 2 subpanels
  • 2 panels & 1 subpanel
  • 3 panels
  • 1 panel & 2 wind/solar power
  • 2 panels & 1 wind/solar power

Wireless display included with the TED 5003-C

TED5002G I have two sources to monitor
Perfect for Homes With:
  • 1 panel & 1 subpanel
  • 2 panels
  • 1 panel & 1 wind/solar power

Wireless display included with the TED 5002-C

TED5004G I have four sources to monitor
Perfect for Homes With:
  • 1 panel & 3 subpanels
  • 2 panels & 2 subpanels
  • 4 panels
  • 1 panel & 3 wind/solar power
  • 2 panel & 2 wind/solar power
  • 3 panels & 1 wind/solar power

Wireless display included with the TED 5004-C

TED 5000 Key Features

TED5000 offers instant text and email alerts

Instant Text/Email Alerts

Want to receive an alert as soon as your rate changes, or if you're getting close to your budget? Receive instant email/text message alerts with TED Advisor. Simply set your customized parameter(s) in TED's Footprints Software and receive alerts as often as you'd like!

TED5000 allows you to view your energy consumption data remotely

View Data Remotely

Want to view electricity data for a vacation home, or while you're on the go? TED allows you to view data on your home computer and/or on an optional wireless Display. And, if you have Internet service, you can view data on any Internet-enabled device with one of our third party apps.

With TED5000 you'll be able to monitor energy consumption of individual appliances

Monitor Individual Appliances

Want to monitor an individual appliance, such as your HVAC or Hot Water Heater? TED's Load Profile Wizard is a software-based program that learns how much electricity an appliance uses when it's off/on. TED will track up to five individual appliances and provide you daily total usage, and associated costs.

TED5000 Makes it easy to export your data

Easily Export Data

Want to export and store your data to share with others, or to create your own charts and graphs? Even though TED stores up to 10 years of data, you can instantly export -Second, -Minute, -Hour, -Day, and Month-data to a CSV (Excel) file at any time.

TED5000 uses your energy consumption data to offer monthly bill projection

Monthly Bill Projection

Want to have an accurate estimate of what your electricity bill will be this month? TED's intuitive Utility Setup Wizard allows you to enter your own utility rate structure, resulting in a very accurate bill projection.

TED5000 Delivers interactive charts that display a number of data points

Interactive Charts and Graphs

Want to receive accurate data on your electricity usage, CO2 emissions, and voltage readings? TED provides data updates every second, with a sensitivity of one-watt and +/- 2% accuracy. TED's interactive Footprints Software creates real-time charts and graphs to help you visualize data and see trends.


  • Intuitive, simple setup directly from Computer
  • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac & Linux
  • Wireless hand-held display (optional)
  • Backlit display (optional)
  • Rechargeable Battery - no batteries to change
  • Accurate to within 2%
  • User can customize displays
  • Adjustable sensitivity - user can adjust down to ONE WATT
  • View real-time energy data remotely via Internet or mobile device
  • Optional Solar/Wind Package - Net-Metering capability
  • Receives signal from multiple sources
  • Ties into Home Automation Systems
  • Stores detailed data for export to computer
  • Accommodates all rate structures - flat, tiered, time-of-use, demand, seasonal (4 seasons), weekend/holiday, or any mix of structures!
  • ANSI/UL (1244) Approved
  • CAN/CSA (C22.2) Approved

TED 5000 Software

There are a variety of Third-Party Applications for both PC and Mobile Devices that allow you to plot and analyze the data from your TED-5000

TED Footprints Software

Use TED's interactive Footprints Software (embedded in all TED units) to chart and graph usage, view historical data and trends, set up TED Advisor text messaging/e-mail alerts, enter local utility-rate information, and create load profiles for individual appliances. Easily export data!

View a Live Demo Here

Mobile Apps:


is a free smart phone application that is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. An interactive dial shows real-time electricity usage.

People Power 1.0

is a free energy manager app available for Smartphones that provides real-time insight, choice, and control over household energy use. It integrates with the TED 5000 Gateway™ through a simple set-up and connects to People Power's analysis software to deliver useful information anytime, anywhere.

MiraWatt T5K

allows you to view power usage data on your iPhone. A simple swipe gesture on your iPhone will change the view from Hour, Day, Week, etc.


is a mobile application for iOS and Android OS devices such as the iPhone and Droid phone models for monitoring energy usage in conjunction with our TED 5000 series. You can monitor your home and or business energy usage while-on-the-go or the help figure out about how much that new appliance you turned on uses in energy!

TED 5000

is a free mobile application for the iPhone that provides current Power and Cost, as well as average power and cost for the billing cycle. The user can refresh their energy data anytime by clicking the refresh button.


is an energy monitoring application for TED 5000 users on Android. This application allows you to view MTUs independently, which is great for consumers with solar or wind installations.


is a mobile application for HP/Palm webOS devices, such as the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. TEDisplay works with your TED 5000 to monitor energy usage directly on your phone. TEDisplay supports multi-MTU configurations with access to just about every data value available from the TED 5000. And, with a properly configured home network, you can monitor your energy usage from just about anywhere!

Desktop Applications


Is a free cloud based energy monitoring and management tool. Features interactive graphs that show real time energy use. View individual appliance energy consumption, simple pie charts show appliance-level breakdown of energy bill. No additional hardware plug level sensors required. Provides personalized recommendations on saving money. Features timely alerts that avoid unexpected high energy bills.


Is a free application that features cloud-based algorithms to analyze your TED data and provide appliance-level insight, feedback and recommendations to help save money on your electric bills.

Reduce electricity usage by up to 50%. Recieve custoimized money-saving recommendations and tips. PlotWatt Energy Dashboard consolidates energy information. Electricity usage presented in an easy-to-understand format.


Available in both Free and Pro versions, MyEragy is an electricity monitoring platform that allows homeowners to check the details of their energy consumption to best understand how they can reduce their electricity bills.

Easily monitor energy generated by solar, wind, and gas generators. Eragy's proprietary Utility Rate Engine helps users understand rates. Email and text/SMS alerts including usage and cost budget overruns. Set rate alerts such as when a rate tier is about to be exceeded.

People Power 1.0

A free intelligent iPhone and Android Smartphone application that helps manage your personal energy use to save money.

Set daily and monthly budgets, along with alarm alerts. Compare energy usage with others in your area. Take energy quizzes to learn how to save more electricity. Post Facebook updates with your electricity usage. View accurate projections of monthly bills.

it's electric

One of the first free applications that allows you to view tour TED 5000 electricity data remotely on the web. Shows detailed historical data with different resolutions. View interactive graphs and locate energy hogs. See instant updates while you explore your usage.

TED the Toolbar

TED the Toolbar is a Firefox only toolbar that allows you to view real-time energy data from your TED system while you surf the Web. Shows historical data and projected monthly bill. View graphs on electricity usage for detailed data. See instant updates on the top of the page while you surf the web.

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Additional MTU with two CTs for TED 5000 5000 Series MTU & CT (set)
Additional MTU with two CTs for TED 5000.
$152.00 CAD

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