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In-Line Wired Noise Filter for TED5000-

TED XPF In-Line Wired Noise Filter

Model: XPF

This product is an in-line wired noise filter for blocking out electrical noise and enhancing the quality of communication between a gateway and measuring units installed in the breaker panel. When using this filter, all MTUs must be powered from the filter.

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

TED XPF Offers

The TED In-Line Wired Noise Filter is a very useful component that can be used to isolate the MTU and Gateway in your home/office.

For example, if you have found that a circuit(s) has line-noise and is interfering with the TED-signal, this filter will isolate the MTU and Gateway so that the signal is clear of noise.

Installs in the breaker panel. Installation Guide:
  • Locate the outlet you will have the Gateway plugged in. Determine which circuit breaker controls that particular outlet.
  • Open the circuit breaker panel. Locate the breaker that controls the outlet in #1 above.
  • Turn off, and remove the breaker from the panel.
  • Remove the conductor (attached wire) from the breaker.
  • Using a wire-nut, connect the BLACK wire of the filter with the black wire of the MTU and the black conductor you just removed from the circuit breaker.
  • Connect the RED wire of the filter into the breaker.
  • Connect the WHITE wire of the filter to the neutral bus.
  • The red wire of the MTU is not used in this scenario, so cap it off with a wire-nut.
  • Replace the breaker in the panel.
  • Turn the breaker on.

NOTE: You will need to adjust the System Setting configuration for the MTU (under SYSTEM LAYOUT tab) to reflect 120v (BK-WH) connection.

What's included with the TED XPF

  • In-Line Wired Noise Filter for TED5000
  • Setup and Troubleshooting Part: Inline and Wired Filters

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