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"The most comprehensive real-time electricity monitor on the planet" - Popular Mechanics Magazine

TED Pro Home Energy Monitor-

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TED PRO HOME In-home Electricity Monitor


The TED PRO HOME In-Home Electricity Monitor is ideal for household energy usage monitoring. This monitor communicates with your local or remote computer to make analysis and reporting simple. The TED PRO HOME includes one Energy Control Center with Footprints Software, one Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU), and one set of 2 CTs.

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Add In-House ISO Certified Calibration to your TED PRO HOME


  • Designed for homes with breaker panels up to 400 amps*.
  • Features advanced, state-of-the-art Powerline Carrier Communication:
    • Easier setup and improved performance
    • Smooth, reliable communication over existing powerlines
  • Ability to monitor up to 32 individual circuits with TED Spyder. Track usage and monitor individual rooms/circuits.
  • Features a NEW Energy Control Centre (ECC):
    • Embedded with new version of Footprints data-logging Software
    • Customizable graphing (data ranges and colours)
    • USNAP expandable
    • Displays power factor
  • Ability to send data to multiple third party applications
  • Multiple Display options (wired & wireless Display available)

What is TED Pro Home?

The ultimate residential electricity monitoring system! The System comes with an interactive Footprints software and an Energy Control Center (ECC). All designed with the ability to expand to monitor additional panels or individual circuits.

Data can be viewed on any mobile device (iOS or Android) or computer. For monitoring solar/wind or additional panels, simply add an additional MTU/CT set(s) to your TED Pro Home package. Amazing interface for solar/wind!

TED Pro Home MTU

The measuring transmitting unit (MTU) measures the energy consumption, demand voltage, current, and power factor. MTU Home is designed for single-phase residential and small commercial use with a maximum amperage of 400A* and 240V. (*With optional 400A CT.)

The MTU is generally located at the main electrical panel and transmits the information collected, over the building's existing electrical wiring, using state-of-the-art Power Line Carrier communications (PLC) to an ECC which receives and interprets the data. Multiple MTUs can be used to give individual measurement of panels or loads. For systems with solar, wind or other generation, multiple MTUs will tell the user consumption, generation and net, from-or-to the utility.

TED Pro Home ECC

The energy control centre (ECC) is the communication hub for the system. It receives raw energy-use data from the MTU(s), interprets the data and calculates the current energy cost, cost today, month-to-date, and various other calculations. The ECC can be configured to communicate with display devices, computers, networks, mobile devices, thermostats, and load control devices via Ethernet, PLC, WiFi, ZigBee, USB, or XBee. Your TED system can be further configured to send text or e-mail alerts using TED Advisor software.

Multiple ECCs in multiple locations can be monitored via the internet using TED's proprietary AggreData software.

Go Further with TED Pro Home with these Options:

  • Multiple MTUs can be added to separately measure various loads or generation.
  • Display Devices
    • Wired-in Display connects directly to ECC.
    • Optional Wireless Display with battery backup can be mounted anywhere or carried around for load checking.

TED TED PRO HOME Specifications

Measuring Transmitting Units (MTU)
Single-phase 2-Wire or 3-Wire Yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Minimum Voltage 95 V
Maximum Current - per phase 400A
Maximum Wire Size 4/0 AWG (15mm OD)
Operating Temperature -40°C<TA>+50°C
Data-Receiving Unit
Works w/ 3-phase & single phase MTU Yes
Maximum Voltage Phase/Neutral 277 V
Minimum Voltage Phase/Neutral 95 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature +5°C<TA<+40°C
Click here for complete specifications on the TED TED PRO HOME

What's included with the TED TED PRO HOME

  • Energy Control Center
  • Footprints Software
  • Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU)
  • 2 x CTs

TED Pro Home Overview 1

TED - 120V MTU Connection

Accessing Footprints Software

Footprints Software Settings

TED Pro Troubleshooting

Click on a category to view a selection of compatible accessories with the TED Pro Home Energy Monitor.

Spyder Individual Circuit Monitoring Tool for TED Pro Series, 200A Split Core CTs SPYDER 200-S
The Spyder is a monitoring unit that comes with eight (8) Solid Core Current Transformer donuts that go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel to gather data for individual circuits up to 200 amps each.

TED Spyder 200-D Circuit Monitoring Tool, 200A Solid Core CTs Spyder 200-D
The TED Spyder 200-D will direct you to right source of energy usage by the breaker by using solid core donuts that monitor eight (8) individual circuits up to 200 amps each.

TED Spyder 20 Circuit Monitoring Tool Spyder 20
The 20A CTs are more sensitive to smaller loads than the larger-rated CTs. You will be able to monitor eight (8) individual circuits of 20Amps or less.

TED Spyder POP Circuit Monitoring Tool, 200A Split Core CTs, 60A and 20A Solid Core CTs Spyder POP
Comes with two 200A Split Core CTs, two 60A and four 20A Solid Core CTs. Will allow for more sensitive readings for your smaller circuits, and provide easy connection to two of your heavier-loaded circuits (HVAC and water heater).

TED Spyder MIX Circuit Monitoring Tool, 60A and 20A Solid Core CTs Spyder MIX
Comes with four (4) 60A and four (4) 20A solid core Current Transformers. These CTs are designed to go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel, and log data for individual circuits, appliances, systems, and motors.

Spyder Individual Circuit Monitoring Tool for TED Pro Home SPYDER 60
The Spyder is a monitoring unit that comes with eight (8) Current Transformer donuts that go around individual circuit conductors inside your breaker panel to gather data for individual circuits.

TED CT007A Solid Core Doughnut CTs, 20A CT007A
Designed for measuring any load on a 15A or 20A circuit that is greater than 100W.

TED CT003A Solid Core Doughnut CTs, 60A CT003A
Designed for measuring any load on a 20A-60A circuit that is greater than 500W.

TED 400A Current Transformer Standard Size CT301C
This standard CT has a max 500 MCM and 23mm OD.

TED 200A Current Transformer CT601B
This 200amp CT has a max of 4/0 AWG/15mmOD.

TED W302A CT Extension Cable 80', 3 Pack W302A
Used where extra length is required on CT cables. Three (3) to a pack. 80 inches in length.

TED MTU HOME With Power Cables, No CTs MTU HOME
Designed for single-phase residential and small commercial use with a maximum amperage of 400A and 240V.

TED Pro Home 200amp MTU/CT Set MTU/CT ADD-ON
Add on kit to an existing TED Pro Home package. This set includes one Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU) and 2 Current Transformers (CTs). Designed to monitor an additional main breaker panel, subpanel, or wind/solar installation up to 200 Amps. Works with a TED Pro Home system only.

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" data-description="For residential and small business applications. The TED Pro Home energy monitoring system allows you to monitor energy usage through awareness of ongoing consumption and cost.">

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